How to Choose the Best Landscapers in Perth

There are many different residential landscaping companies in Perth, all claiming to be the best business for the job. Some do quality work for a fair price, but many fail to live up to expectations. So how can you tell the difference between a professional, trustworthy service and someone who’s just looking to get an easy pay day? Today I’m going to be talking about a few of the key differences between our business and many of our competitors on the Perth market.

The Design

Quality gardens don’t happen overnight. Some jobs just need a written quote by a contractor – but if you want your garden to look and feel perfect, then you need some serious planning before the first shovel even touches the ground.

At Luke’s Landscaping and Irrigation Services we work closely with our team of Landscape Designers to bring you beautiful, custom made Landscape Designs. Our team of Landscape Designers can do the following and more for you:

  • Spend the time to listen to your ideas so they can be implemented in the design.
  • Offer you their experience and knowledge in the industry to bring you something that is unique and beautiful.
  • Identify all site works and specify what site preparation is necessary (soil removal, amendment, replacement, irrigation pre-lays etc.).
  • Provide you with a detailed, to scale plan of the proposed garden area. This plan would include all hard surfaces, planting, lawns, walls, edging and features.
  • Provide you with a planting plan listing all the plants, names and recommended sizes.

Once you have the Landscape Design we provide a free quote for the installation of your new garden.

The Foundation

Most of the soil in Perth is very sandy without a lot of nutrients and organic matter in it. To have a beautiful, thriving garden we recommend amending or completely replacing the soil to a good depth.

Lawns generally need 100mm – 200mm of a good quality, free draining topsoil. Good examples of this are Special Lawn Mix and Landscape Mix. Both these soils contain organic matter and nutrients, as well as having the right water retention for the lawn to thrive on. The other way is to add high quality concentrates with a clay component, micro-organisms and organic matter with trace elements into the existing soil and mix it through thoroughly.

Gardens usually need large amounts of organic matter mixed into the existing soil. A few good products we use to achieve this are General Concentrate and Soil Conditioner. These rich soils are not suitable to be planted in directly and are mixed with the existing sand in a 1:1 ratio to improve it.

Another option is to completely replace the existing sand with Landscape Mix or similar. This way you can be assured that the plants have a quality soil to grow in.

We firmly believe that getting the foundations right is possibly the most important part of the whole process. The sad thing is that this part of the job is the most often overlooked by many of the landscapers in Perth. This almost often comes down to trying to provide a cheaper quote to win the job; or inexperience. Remember the cheapest quote does not always work out to be the cheapest in the long run! Having to fix up and add in more sprinklers, improve the soil constantly and replace lawn and plants can be very costly in the long run. The costs can be minimised by better preparation in the implementation of your landscaping.

The Reticulation

Landscaping in Perth can be different to some other parts of Australia. In many other areas, you don’t need to put any reticulation in your garden at all, but here in Perth, it’s essential to have a good quality reticulation system. If you want to get the most out of your garden, you need a water wise system that’s built with quality products to deliver life-giving water to your plants.

Luke’s Landscaping and Irrigation Services is a member of Irrigation Australia, the governing body for the retic industry. We pride ourselves on installing reticulation systems ranging from the simplest courtyard to large lawns and gardens with many different requirements. We only use quality parts that are made to Australian Standards.

We install our systems to provide head to head coverage of the lawns, ensuring dry patches are minimised and the area is covered nicely. In garden areas, we can install sprays for complete coverage or go for a more targeted option with drip line or drippers at the base of the plants.

If you have a landscape design, we can provide you with an irrigation design outlining the parts and the layout of the proposed irrigation system.

It’s not easy choosing a business that’s going to do a good job the first time around. Time and time again clients need us to completely replace lawns and gardens that are only a few years old because of poor planning and execution. It’s important to remember that when choosing a landscaper in Perth you need someone who cares about getting the planning, foundations and reticulation right.

Here at Luke’s Landscaping and irrigation services, we believe it’s what’s underneath that counts!

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